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Tired of walking back and forth to change your settings when using your prefered golf simulator software? Well here is the solution to that problem. Just plug into a USB port

(wired or Wireless) on your computer, download our software and place the controller near the simulator to eliminate those extra steps back and forth. 

Compatible with GSPRO, Optishot, E6 Connect (for PC) and TGC/TGC 2019 for Mevo+, Skytrak, Uneekor, Trackman, Foresight and Ernest Sports.

Available on:


Explore the benefits of our control box!

Button Configuration

Our control box can be configured to your tailored playing style regardless of sim software.

Go Wired or Wireless 

Tired of tripping over cables?

Go with our 12 button wireless box!

Want to save a few bucks?

Go with our 10 button wired box! 

Iconic Image Design

Choose from one of four available product images from your favorite holes in golf.

Additional information can be found on the individual product page.


Download the software now!

Follow our easy step by step instructional videos to get your control box set up and running in no time! 

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